i Wish i Could Be On Time!

31 October 2005

I had a great weekend. And even though my niece, Gabrielle, and my nephew, Owen, are two of the cutest kids alive, I'm still sticking to my "no kids" policy. I spent the weekend with my sister, Tiffany, and her two kids and my brother-in-law, Mike. We went to the pumpkin farm and my niece and I got lost in a corn maze for an hour, but it was a blast! Then we went to the apple orchard and ran a few errands before coming home to Tiffany's stew, which was the first homecooked meal I've had since I last saw her, which was months ago. I can still say I am in no way tempted by the domestic lifestyle. I watched my sister and I can say that I don't hold the talents of being patient with children, cooking anything that requires an oven or stove, and definitely most definitely, I do not have the talent of working my ass off. Screw the mom and wife thing for me! That's way too much work, man. I guess we all knew growing up Tiffany was going to be the one who would get married and have kids, she was always taking care of my little sister and me. But the thing is...she loved it. I think being a parent and a spouse takes a certain type of person, and I just don't think I hold those qualities. Sure, I think I'm good for a committed relationship, I mean look and me and Wolfe 1 & 1/2 years, but marriage?! Quite honestly, it scares me to death. I think I'm a decent babysitter, but being responsible for the life of a child, yea right. I can barely take care of my two cats most of the time. And yet, I'm a woman, isn't this what I am supposed to do? I feel the pressure of age coming on and the ticking of that biological clock people talk about and the fear of actually graduating means growing up for good. I don't know where I will be in ten years. Perhaps this is a good thing, perhaps not. I don't know...I guess I just have to wait things out...

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