i Wish i Could Be On Time!

26 May 2006

indeed i am
I've been gone. Crazy busy. Busy going crazy. I finished up last semester and have moved on to summer classes and work. More work. Always work. After I finish these next four weeks, I will be free for the rest of the summer. I can't wait for a break. Its been like three years straight with no, or very little breaks. Let's see...what's going on with me...
I have approximately one year left of school (hopefully), consisting of this summer and 2 semesters. I have begun looking into grad schools and I have my heart set on IU Bloomington (Indiana University) for Library Science. I will probably have to take the GRE which makes me a nervous wreck because I completely suck at standardized testing, but oh well. Wolfe and I broke up over spring break. I don't have another boyfriend right now, or even one in mind, I am enjoying being alone for the moment. I must admit, although, he does occasionally cross my mind from time to time. I actually cleaned my apartment. No joke, its really clean! I've had a hell of a time keeping it up, but so far so good. I've gotten into yoga and pilates via videos and such and even purchased a yoga mat from TJ Maxx for $7! Its been fun and stress-relieving.
Can't think of anything else to write. I can't wait to get out of work, which is hopefully going to be sooner than later, and this weekend, its just me and my math book. Oh yea, me and my math book!

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