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29 June 2006

Manhood v. Womanhood

In so many of the current magazines we read today, the term “manhood” has been replaced by the out-of-date, circa 80’s and 90’s, member, monkey, penis, etc. And I ask myself, “Self, what is this thing they call manhood? Better yet, where is my womanhood?” If a man can grab his manhood, can I grab my womanhood? The first thing I must consider at this point is exactly where is my womanhood? My breasts? My longish hair? My pedicure toes? My clitoris? If I were to say, my womanhood consists of my uterus, my womb, my birth canal, that would mean I would have to reach all the way up and…well; nobody wants to see that in public. On the other hand, maybe some do. As a self-proclaimed and Miami University educated feminist of the 2000s I ask all women everywhere—where do you find your womanhood?

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