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01 July 2006

Last night, 20/20 dealt with the creative perspective of “The State of the Union.” Notice how we are missing a word in this phrase. That is where the creativity comes forth—typically, when we hear “The State of the Union” we expect ‘Address’ to follow, along with our moronic president, George Bush, to stand behind some podium slurring and mispronouncing words; but no, last night, 20/20 dealt literally with the state of the union. Turns out, we are becoming more and more polarized, to the point, where one can literally draw an imaginary line down the center of the states, painting one side blue and the other red. Not surprisingly, the states with the most religious population are red, while the radical or scary liberals are blue. And my little lovely state, the heart of it all, Ohio is a bright beautiful apple-colored red. According to 20/20, and please adhere to this not being verbatim, since the 1960s, movements of activists has increased. Now, instead of a larger group coming to a middle ground—i.e. becoming polarized—we are more susceptible to shift to one side. According to a recent study, members of a large group were once able to come to a consensus by convincing the “odd bird” to agree with everyone else in the group. This is not always the case today. A panel of members, who were all said to be like-minded, appeared on 20/20 discussing various issues concerning America today. Such issues as religion, they all agreed on their religious values, immigration, again they agreed, until the issue of gay marriage came to the table—one woman, whose son was gay, would not let go of her opinion. Her pushing for gay marriage came to a surprise to the other members of the group—as expected, a general consensus was not met.
The cause of this evilness is none other than what 20/20 referred to as “the polarizing entrepreneur.” Da, da, dmmm! These frisky men and women have become the voices to the thousands of activists nationwide! Think of what will happen next? Under the first amendment, one’s freedom of speech is now taken over by people who wish to actually put up a fight and unite! Suddenly, we are taking sides. Those who reside in the blue world, tend to visit academic, educational seminars and lectures more than the house of god. They tend to gather in coffee houses, drink green tea, practice Yoga, read conspiracy theory documents, support separation of church and state, believe in women’s rights, detest racist minds, eat pita bread sandwiches and wish they could move to New Zealand (ok, maybe that is just me). Bush’s approval rate has decreased over the years due to several factors, and the most current being the scary liberal/radical blue faced polarizing entrepreneur! How do I get that job?

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